Energy Efficiency Alberta  (a new crown agency to modernize and promote energy conservation)

Residential No-Charge Energy Savings Program

An agency installer will visit homes and install energy-efficient upgrades where needed for free.

Residential and Commercial Solar Program

This program provides rebates to assist in installing solar systems for homes, businesses and non-profits.


Pembina Institute

Landowners’ Guide to Oil and Gas Development

“Alberta’s energy development landscape is a maze of regulations and complex relationships. The Landowners’ Guide to Oil and Gas Development provides advice on negotiating the best relationship possible between industry representatives who live and breathe this subject matter and property owners or communities that may be facing it for the first time.”  Free download:

Video–Conservation Easements.  Presentation by Kim Good

This is a 36 minute overview of conservation easements in Alberta.

Conservation Easements in Alberta: an online resource for landowners

This is a good, reader friendly starting place for anyone wanting to learn more about protecting private land and for other information on the Athabasca River Basin.

The Canadian Ecological Gifts Program Handbook

This outlines everything you need to get a tax benefit for conserving private land.

Conservation Easements for Agriculture in Canada

This provides an entrance to the developing area of agricultural land conservancies.

Athabasca River Basin Institute

This site provides open access to scientific research  on the Athabasca river region and its people.

Athabasca Watershed Council WPAC

This site reports and advises on the ecological health of the Athabasca watershed.