Image by Monica1166 from Pixabay

Dragonfly ID – dragonfly and damselfly identification app

North American Moth Photographer’s Guide

This is a comprehensive Digital Guide to Moth Identification  that often includes caterpillar images.

Alberta Worm Invasion Worm Tracker

Earthworms are an invasive species having impacts on Alberta’s forests.  Alberta Worm Invasion Worm Tracker is a free University of Alberta Citizen Scientist app for reporting earthworm sightings.   Curriculum material is available to facilitate school use.  See also the Nature Watch Earth Worm Program to combine data.


This is a popular citizen-scientist program documenting butterfly species and their abundance in North America.

 Butterflies of the Athabasca Region

This is Science Outreach – Athabasca and Crooked Creek Conservancy  checklist of the nearly 60 species identified in the region.

Dragonflies of the Athabasca River Basin

This site provides most Science Outreach brochures, including a Word download of the damselflies and dragonflies guide.

Photographic galleries and bibliographic references for Alberta Insects


John Acorn, Butterflies of Alberta (Edmonton: Lone Pine Publishing, 1993)